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That Writing Lady has been writing and creating content freelance for three years, and although no topic or area is out of bounds, she has been specialising in the meat and agricultural industry. Namely by accident.

And don't worry, she doesn't usually have a penchant for writing in the third person, but it certainly fits the brief of a landing page better than any other style.

social style

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words to get you noticed

That Writing Lady adapts to your brand voice, or can even create one for you if you are new to having someone write on your behalf - but in either case your audience will love reading your content and text.

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oi, cheeky!

Move away from the dull and boring and bring some life to your brand, business or website with That Writing Lady's often sarcastic and realistic style.

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ai schm-ai

Automation is awesome!

For some things.

That Writing Lady doesn't use AI to write nor create content, and you can tell when you read it.

Using a human (and hopefully, this human), you get an understanding of what you're about and the message you want to convey with your text. There's a passion and emotional side to writing that AI hasn't come close to conquering yet, and more importantly, it has yet to make us laugh.

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Website oomph

If you've already got a website but it needs a little love and lift, That Writing Lady can do a quick refresh to make it stand out and reach those SEO goals.

yeah but how much?

Warning - cliché incoming!

There is no one fixed price as no project is ever the same. Something about a piece of string, right?

But it's probably not as much as you think, and definitely worth asking about.

What comes into play when creating a quote is:

  • How many words or articles you need
  • The time scale you want it in
  • Whether there is any specialised knowledge required
  • What your budget is

That Writing Lady supports small and independent businesses, and offers fair rates for social media content that can take the time, hassle and worry away from your team.

That Writing Lady also welcomes all enquiries from all backgrounds and does not discriminate against anyone.

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social media help

specialising in small business assistance

If you're a small business looking for a little lift with your socials, That Writing Lady can also produce plans, schedules and content for your online footprint.

No matter your level of online fluency, TWL can talk you through a plan of action in plain English, and get you on the path to great engagement on your socials.

what does she do?

  • Content Planning
  • Content Writing
  • Script Writing for YouTube
  • Copywriting
  • Recipe Content
  • Blog Content
  • Ghostwriting
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Social Media Planning
  • Website Content
  • 中英网站写作
  • Make The Tea
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